Forecasting Assistant


Demand Planning and Forecasting Assistant. Effort reduced by 80%, Accuracy increased by 30-50%.

Demand Planners spend 80% of the time gathering and preparing the data so that the planning process can start. Only 20% is spent on S&OP. KAPUA Forecasting Assistant:

  • Identifies and Integrates information sources
  • Finds best forecasting models
  • Supports New Product Introductions, Promotions and Cannibalization
  • Continuously learns, adopts and improves its accuracy
  • Automates the 80%, while at the same time helping clients to increase their overall forecasting accuracy by 30-50%

Customers that use KAPUA Forecasting Assistant divide their Planning Elements into four groups; 
  • Automation; Planning Elements that the KAPUA Forecasting Assistant takes over, autonomously
  • Automation with Review; Planning Elements for which the KAPUA Forecasting Assistant has proven sufficiently high accuracy, which are though so important that an expert needs to do a review
  • Automation with Distribution; Planning Elements which neither the company nor the KAPUA Forecasting Assistant can predict reliably, but the assistant is able to do an accurate prediction at a higher aggregation level and also knows a sufficiently accurate distribution key to the required level
  • Expert Focus; Planning Elements that the company wants to predict manually; either because they are so important or because the Forecasting Assistant's accuracy is not sufficient

Summarized, by using KAPUA Forecasting Assistant, you will be able to focus on things that are really important, having an assistant that takes care of the rest. Your accuracy will improve and with it your ability to have the right products available where and when they are needed. Revenue will increase, with at the same time lower safety stock, lower obsolescence and lower working capital expenditure.