KeepFlying® Digital FinTwin®


Revolutionary solution to convert Airworthiness & Maintenance data into commercial insights

In the fast-paced world of aviation finance, every decision matters. And when it comes to aircraft transfers, profitability is key. MROs, Asset owners and financiers are under a lot of pressure to make the right decisions. But with so much data to manage, it can be difficult to see the big picture. With KeepFlying® Financial Twin, you can make better decisions, faster. And that means more revenue, less risk, and a brighter future.

KeepFlying® Financial Twin is the first of its kind platform that applies GPT models to convert technical and operational data into commercial insights. This allows you to visualize the impact of your decisions before you make them. The platform is aimed at using the power of Data Science to bridge technical statuses of each Asset to its finance cashflows and jurisdictional risks (Cape Town Convention) to forecast the financial lifecycle of an Asset through a Digital FinTwin®. MROs can visualize the revenue potential and profitability of upcoming Asset visits through the FinTwin®. Commercial viability of trades, carbon credits and residual value forecasting can assist Asset Owners to make informed decisions on Asset placement and subsequent tracking through an Asset’s RUL.

Salient Features

  • Engine MROs can accurately predict the lifecycle of an Engine Shop Visit before its arrival across prospecting and contracted stages to visualize the commercial implications of Capacity Management, TAT Risks, costs, profitability and mitigation solutions (e.g. outsourcing select modules for external repair, swaps, exchanges) across fleet.
  • Budgets and slot sales projections can be run as simulations in addition to work scope predictions (module work scope levels, findings) as a factor of the Engine profile generated using proprietary algorithms.
  • Manage half and full life maintenance values, LLP costs and residual values, Maintenance Reserves, Direct Maintenance Costs, Redelivery risks and costs as a factor of technical and operational parameters (e.g. Engine Type, Thrust Rating, Avg. Thrust Derate, Operational Environment, EGTM Deterioration, Oil & Fuel Consumption etc.,).

Revenue Potential

  • With the Engine and Aircraft FinTwin® MRO Edition, MROs can realize a 30% reduction in costs through AI-driven financial insights
  • Asset Owners can reduce shop visit costs by 20% with our Smart Build Goal Optimizer; unlocking savings of up to 15% with our smart asset placements
  • Our Redelivery platform can consolidate, validate and highlight redelivery risks and cost mitigation avenues and it takes just 8 weeks to setup - a remarkable 25% cost reduction when returning an engine off lease

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