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Become with the Know-How! Learning Navigator Expert

The Know How! Learning Navigator contains the best of the Know How! Learning world to make you holistically fit for Microsoft 365.

You get trailers for the applications to get a first overview, tutorials to learn the functions and the Nugget Finder to quickly look up functions.
In our news area you will also find videos on the latest innovations. Whether you want to learn Pivot Tables in Excel, create breakout sessions in Microsoft Teams,
or get started with Power Platform.

Learn easily with the web-based training courses in the Learning Navigator.
You already know the feature exists, but need help.

The Nugget Finder shows you with just a few clicks how you can, for example, set your out-of-office assistant in Outlook,
update your profile photo or link a section in SharePoint.

International use: The learning courses are available in English and German.

With Microsoft Edge you can also have all content translated directly and access the courses in over 60 languages.
This means that everyone can also learn in their mother tongue.

Are you responsible for the Microsoft 365 migration and want to encourage your employees to learn on their own?
You can also use the Nugget Finder to easily generate links that lead directly to the learning nugget.
You can also integrate the nuggets on your own company pages and make them available for quick access.
Simply create use cases or give helpful tips and tricks.

The package currently includes the courses:

  • Desktop applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote
  • Collaboration applications: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Delve, Yammer
  • Power Platform
These are over 1,100 nuggets with more than 50 study hours

Custom-fit interfaces make the integration of learning content in your LMS particularly easy and efficient:
  • SCORM: The integration of SCORM content is possible (SCORM = Sharable Content Object Reference Model).
  • xAPI: All products are xAPI capable. The Experience API (xAPI) allows the interoperable exchange of learning activity data between various teaching and learning systems (LMS).
  • LTI: A connection to LTI-capable LMS systems is currently being developed (LTI = Learning Tool Interoperability

The application is available in German and English

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