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Proprietary solution that enables constant improvement and monitoring of processes of your company

flooWe - Capture the process in motion.

Universal system flooWe is a universal system that can be easily adapted to the current needs of the company, quickly and efficiently implemented, and if necessary, expand with further modules. The tool streamlines the company's work, allowing systematic and simple reporting and incident handling.

Areas of application

Logistic warehouses
Construction industry

Why flooWe?

Cloud solution:
1. It can be run as a SAS solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud
2.elimination of costs related to the purchase of server infrastructure, software and its maintenance

Postmodern ERP
1. flooWe is integrated with ERP systems.
2. automates and links administrative and operational business capabilities such as finance, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution

Offline solution and mobility
1. flooWe does not require access to the Internet.
2. The mobile version of the application is intended for IOS and Android platforms

Full control
Enables logging of relevant information during the process (checklists), automatic deviation analysis and incident creation when the process is different than it should.

Principle 30 seconds
Allows your employees to report incidents using the offline mobile application. Each employee can report an incident from anywhere in the company in just 30 seconds

Cooperation, cyclical and adhoc control
flooWe facilitates control over equipment, car fleet, buildings, premises, occupational health and safety, HAACP, ISO, or fire protection installations. The solution has a calendar of controls thanks to which your employees will never forget to carry them out.

Automation & Simplicity
based on the analysis of data from IOT devices, flooWe will automatically generate incidents and claims related to deliveries. quick and easy implementation of the solution in selected areas of your company. The solution is ready for operation in 3 days!

Source of savings
It will save your time and money by enabling constant improvement and improvement of processes related to all areas of your company's operations. Thanks to flooWe, you can easily analyze each step of the process in which the error occurred and quickly eliminate it.

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