Event Management

yayıncı: Link Development

Event Management provides connected digital experiences for event organizing life cycle

Its an Event Management solution that revolutionizes the process of planning and coordinating events that is usually a complex one that requires elongated steps including - but not limited to- scheduling, arranging for speakers or entertainers, ticketing,  coordination and monitoring.

Understanding this Link Development has developed the solution based on Dynamics CRM. It streamlines and transforms  event management processes to provide smooth, seamless and  digital experiences.

The Event Management solution provides tools and built-in process templates that manage the end-to-end  lifecycle of an event; covering the creation and automation for small, medium and enterprise-scale events such as festivals, conferences, courses, concerts, or conventions. 

The solution enables identifying target audience,  planning and executing the event as well as coordinating its full aspects and activities in a unified and automated manner.

The solution can drastically help your business by providing: 
1-  Seamless experiences for defining and managing events.
2.- Event scheduling and assigning speakers and sponsors.
3- Tracking tickets capacity versus selling rates.
4- Hassle-free and smooth registration experiences for your customers.
5- Go Mobile for tracking attendance and event check-ins.
6- Manage event media libraries and content.
7- Collect post-event feedback and satisfaction levels.
8- Data analytics and insights. 

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