Metallic™ File & Object Backup

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Metallic File & Object Backup delivers cost-optimized protection for your unstructured data

Metallic File & Object Backup offers a single solution to protect data stored on Windows, Linux, and Unix servers, and Azure Blob and Azure Files.  This provides customers with a solution for a hybrid cloud strategy for large files shares or unstructured data, and physical servers.   

The flexibility of being able to move older file data to cloud storage to reduce costs and on-prem storage costs, but maintaining compliance is an advantage for many IT organizations.  Technologies like Azure Blob and Azure Files allow for reducing in costs, but often make protecting this data a challenge, that requires multiple solutions.   

Although many workloads have been virtualized, some simply cannot be, or in some cases it is still more efficient to protect them with an agent. 

Metallic File & Object Backup provides the flexibility to protect file & objects from a single solution.

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