Metallic Salesforce Backup

yayıncı: Metallic, A Commvault Venture

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Industry-proven SaaS data protection for production and sandbox environments

Metallic SaaS Backup, from Commvault, delivers powerful, enterprise-grade data backup and recovery. With broad-ranging coverage across the Salesforce Cloud, Metallic safeguards valuable data from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attack. Whether granularly restoring records, seeding and populating sandbox environments, or protecting multiple production orgs, Metallic is industry-proven to keep your Cloud data secure and recoverable - without the complexity.

Protect your Salesforce investment - without the headache:
  • Preserve orgs, users, configurations, and settings
  • Reduce downtime, prevent data loss, and rapidly recover from attack
  • Seed, retain, and replace sandbox environments with ease
  • Leverage advanced, hardened, and enterprise-grade security controls
  • Isolate data backups, outside source applications
  • SaaS delivery with no hardware, maintenance, or upfront capital investments required

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