Microshare Smart Occupancy Monitoring

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Collect data to understand how people REALLY use your space

All-in costs per employee desk run up to $10k per year. Most companies fully utilize only 60% of their allocated desks. That could mean an over-spend of $400k per year for each 100 desks! Facilities managers need accurate data about desk and meeting room utilization to develop strategic as well as tactical space plans that optimize corporate real estate spend and satisfy employee needs.

Until now, the only way to analyse space utilization was manual observation over a period of time – a method that is not efficient, accurate or cost-effective. Microshare Smart Occupancy solutions provide real-time and persistent data flows that track the usage of desks and meeting rooms.

Microshare’s Smart Occupancy solutions deliver real-time data so you can make better decisions about how to allocate floor space for desks and meeting rooms.

  • Number of times desk or meeting room has been used – allocate desks where they are needed
  • Analyze usage over time – optimize your space to reduce expenditure
  • Negotiate with facts – strengthen your position with data

Formulate tactical and strategic plans based on facts.

  • Should we transform allocated desks to “hot” desks?
  • Do we have the right number of meeting rooms?
  • Are my customers and employees happy?
  • How can I get the information I need – when and where I need it?

Microshare’s Smart Occupancy is an end to end solution that collects IoT data throughout your entire facility and delivers a comprehensive view in a central dashboard, to any device.

Get your Microshare Smart Occupancy Kit and be up and running in a day – without IT!

  • Everything you need is in the box – sensors, network, dashboards and alerts
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Cost-effective
  • Valuable data generated on Day One
  • Future-proof

    Arm yourself for the next space negotiation. Order Microshare Smart Occupancy today!

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