MobillyTX Welfare Management System

yayıncı: MobillyTX SIA

Most efficient welfare management system

MobillyTX is highly efficient and far-reaching welfare management system satisfying beneficiaries and donor needs. The transparent and automated system is completely protected from any kind of fraud or loss of funds and quickly prevents data leakage at the same time precisely targeting beneficiaries needs and ensuring the anonymity of the recipient. Subsidies are provided in real-time, at the same moment as the recipient receives the relevant service. Using commonly accepted payment methods, Mobilly TX operates quickly, eliminating the administrative burden of a manual process and the human error factor. MobillyTX welfare management system is designed to provide highest privacy levels, thus it is GDPR compliant, incorporates parental control, offers safer environment and increased security. Mobilly TX system has sophisticated fraud control system. It is compliant with welfare management and EU regulations. The system features ease of implementation and usability. Solution can be adjusted to standard bank card processing. Integration with benefit registers and administration is done on side of the processor. Implementation of MobillyTX welfare management system has already saved more than 30% from the users’ budgets.

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