Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator

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Fuel automation & innovation with customized apps and data model for the Telecommunications Industry

New Update Version 2.0

The Telecommunications Accelerator has been enhanced with the addition of an updated data model and sample applications to support “Plant Maintenance”. With Version 2.0 of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator, Microsoft has expanded the Telecommunications Data model and sample applications to support plant operators, enabling them to define maintenance types and plans for network resources. Plant operators can also easily schedule repeatable maintenance tasks. This not only simplifies a large operational burden for the industry, but also makes audit and liability questions easier to answer by tracking when and what was maintained.

Version 1.0

The Telecommunications Accelerator focuses on “Place Management” and "Telco Sales" to enable network and mobile operators, Internet service providers, and other players in the space to better relate their services, products, and deployed plant and network resources to specific geocoded physical locations (i.e., buildings/dwelling/campuses) within and across their service areas. Improved and automated lead management with built-in service availability qualifications checks as well as network resource, network mapping and address lookups are included in the two model-driven sample applications. The "Place Management" app is standalone for address and network management and the "Telco Sales" app integrates and expands the out-of-the-box Dynamics365 Sales application with new Telco entities. The mapping features integrates directly with Azure Maps API to enable geospatial coordinates and the ability to draw polygons, circles, points, and lines directly on a map. Sample dashboards, Power BI reports, and feature rich UX controls are included. The Telecommunications extension to the Common Data Model is based on the TM Forum Open Digital Framework for Geographic Site Management and creates new telco-specific data entities and related attributes for fast application development.

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