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An enterprise C2 platform to orchestrate different types of autonomous fleets, in-built with A.I

All Robots, One Platform
With a wide range of robot manufacturers on the market - each using different interfaces to command and control robots - robot users face complicated integration, operational and maintenance issues. robotmanager orchestrates multi-robot operations to resolve shared resource conflicts and achieve multiple use cases concurrently - all on the same web app platform.

Capabilities include:
      • Real-time monitoring dashboard with in-built alert and event notifications
      • Job & mission planning for routine and adhoc robot task assignments
      • Unified teleoperation panel to remote control different robot types in the same control UI panel
      • Traffic controller to resolve shared resource conflict and optimal path planning
      • Infrastructure integration (e.g lifts, doors, CCTVs, gantries)

Robot developers:
robotmanager provides the jumpstart for robot developers by providing a comprehensive set of features.

Features include:
      • Java-based software adapter for easy installation on any robot OS
      • Extensible Framework for custom app development
      • Compatible with RMF-Core middleware protocols
      • Interoperability support with different protocols such as the Robotics Middleware Framework

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