nDivision Self Service Pricing Portal

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Azure migration, Infrastructure Managed Services, End User Help Desk, Office 365 Managed Services.

nDivision uses state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies including Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Agents to provide services ranging from Azure IaaS migrations through to comprehensive Managed Services and End User Help Desk services.  Migration costs are frequently up to 80% less than other consulting companies.  For Managed Services, automations of infrastructure incidents can be as high as 70% to 80%.  Incidents that cannot be fully automated through automation are resolved by talented, experienced U.S. based resources.  Managed Services are available as Virtual Engineer as a Service or VEaaS® (automation only), Incident Management, Incident Management + Patching, and Fully Managed.  nDivision’s Self-Service Pricing Portal allows customers to enter a few Configuration Item quantities and receive instant, binding quotes (subject to a mutually agreed contract) which are typically 40% to 60% less than in-house IT Operations costs or an equivalent service from another Managed Services Provider.  Part of the reason why nDivision’s pricing is so competitive is that it has mastered the ability to provide its services remotely throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Compared to supporting customers 24/7, across dozens of technologies in 32 countries, Azure IaaS migrations are easy, and do not require resources to be sent onsite.  In 2019, 99.98% of the Managed Services infrastructure incidents that nDivision dealt with were completely resolved remotely.

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