NetApp Cloud Insights


NetApp Cloud Insights helps monitor, troubleshoot and optimize resources and applications

NetApp Cloud Insights is a monitoring tool that is designed specifically for today’s hybrid cloud infrastructure and deployment technologies and provides advanced analysis of the connections between resources in the environment.

Cloud Insights is simple to use. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, it’s easy to get it up and running fast. You’ll soon have real-time data visualization of the topology, performance, and utilization of all your infrastructure, including both cloud and on-premises multivendor resources. Of course, it also includes support for NetApp Cloud Volumes and AFF.

Cloud Insights gives you the ability to connect traditional service and software-defined infrastructure layers. This means that you have visibility into both traditional and modern application architectures.

Cloud Insights quickly inventories your resources, figures out the interdependencies across them, and assembles a topology of your environment. You’ll have end-to-end visibility into what resources are supporting which applications.

Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Cloud Insights is designed to handle the transient nature of modern cloud infrastructure, especially containers. This means that you get a complete understanding of demand, latency, errors, and saturation points of all your services.

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