Footprint Data Management

yayıncı: Nexer Data Management AB

Product Environmental Footprint includes many types and categories of data

With Footprint Data Management you can manage and maintain your products environmental data.

For each product there are thousands of datapoints that need to be aggregated about the product’s life cycle stages, involved processes and the different Impact Categories per process, such as the water use, climate impact, land use, human toxicity level etc.

Our solution is a Sustainability Accelerator based on the world leading Product MDM solution from Stibo Systems.

Footprint Data Management is not just a data-driven approach to manage, govern and control your footprint and sustainability data, it is also a strategic and sustainable solution through its stability, flexibility, and scalability. Being in control of your products environmental footprint means being prepared for any future demands of sharing and reporting as well as starting to act on lowering your impact.

By automating the processes to collect and consolidate the sustainability data for your products and managing and govern it like master data, you can ensure that it is the scope you need, correct figures, accessible to analyse and that updates and changes are performed everywhere simultaneously.

Footprint Data Management includes everything from product data onboarding, PIM and LCA environment data management, EPD generation (Environmental Product Declaration), syndication/distribution of your environmental product data as well as PIM-data to your web or e-commerce sites and to external partners and customers.

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