Novo Forecast Enterprise

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Automation of demand forecast process & stock refilling with Novo Forecast Enterprise

This application is available only in Russian language.

Novo Forecast EnterpriseNovo Forecast Enterprise
А single platform that lets you automatically produce and analyze an abundance of reliable forecasts. _________________________________________________________________________Data preparation: Novo Forecast Enterprise automatically converts data from multiple separate data sources into workable arrays for calculating high accuracy forecasts. 
Forecast Calculation:Novo Forecast automatically analyzes time series, selects a forecasting model and calculates a forecast at any level of detail - by geographical locations, customers, product categories, brand names, months, days. 
Customized Forecast Adjustments The forecast is regularly, automatically adjusted by factors. You set the frequency of recalculation of adjustments. 
Promotions Planning Collaborative planning of BTL and stock trades, automatic calculation of promotional sales forecast and plan-fact analysis. 
Planning Listings Collaborative planning, plan-fact analysis, coordination, automatic determination of unaccounted listings. 
New product planning Collaborative planning of input, analysis and coordination of new products, automatic creation of new items and selection of analogues for planning. 
Single orders planning Planning and accounting of non-repeat large orders. 
Inventory ManagementCalculate optimal orders for products, taking into account the forecast of sales, stock balances, goods in transit and limitations on shelf life. 
Overstock managementGenerate a report of the overstock products, taking into account the sales forecast, shelf life of stocks, recommendations for the sale, coordination of sales activities, plan-fact analysis. 
Accounting of blocking Consideration of temporary and permanent restrictions on the shipment of goods or customers: withdrawal from the range, suspension or termination of shipments to the customer, the lack of goods in stock, suspension of delivery to the region. 
Workflow coordination Automation of business processes, forecasting and planning, in accordance with the regulations, sending notifications by mail, warnings about restrictions when planning stocks and sales, recording system events.

  • Forecasts are counted in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks - switching to end-to-end dynamic planning
  • Reduced costs for the preparation and analysis of data
  • The number of routine manual operations and human errors is reduced.
  • Increased decision making speed and employee efficiency
  • Planning occurs consistently, the number of conflicts reduces, the level of trust between employees increases.
  • Business processes easily scale with the growth of the company and the number of planners

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