Nubeva: Modern TLS Visibility in Azure

Nubeva enables real-time, multi-destination, decentralized decryption of mirrored, captured, or streaming traffic. With Nubeva, you no longer need to rely on slow and expensive MITM, early TLS termination, and TLS handshake mechanisms to get at the symmetric encryption keys. Discover and deliver symmetric keys to your chosen systems before the first packet even arrives and enable decrypted visibility at line speed.

What Nubeva Solves

Nubeva allows DevOps, network, and security teams to conduct deep packet inspection for security, compliance, application monitoring. Nubeva’s solution:  

  • Restores visibility to out-of-band detection and inspection systems broken by modern encryption.

  • Enhances inline systems relying on complicated and resource-intensive man-in-the-middle decryption techniques.

  • Decrypts Perfect Forward Secrecy-based traffic and TLS 1.3.

  • Allows you to see and inspect pinned traffic; decrypt 3rd party SaaS, API and infrastructure traffic; and decrypt traffic from modern compute environments in the Azure cloud including container and Kubernetes environments.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduce cost: Achieve better price-performance on your tools by restoring their ability to inspect and monitor all traffic at line speed and eliminating the need for hand-crafted exception rules and constant tinkering. Eliminate the need for public-private key and certificate management.

  • Protect investments: Extend the ROI of existing solutions by breathing new life into them. Enable pure, fast symmetric decryption with Nubeva and continue to use the tools, teams, and processes already in place. Nubeva works independently of packet source - including the use of Azure VTAPS. 

  • Future proof visibility: Symmetric Key Intercept works regardless of encryption protocol or cipher suite. Never touching the original, end-to-end encryption means the confidentiality of traffic and integrity of the session are strongly preserved while legitimate availability is allowed and protected. 

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