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Capture continous & contextual peer feedback and empower HR to take effective data driven decisions

The application captures real-time data around employees on their competencies and values as manifested in their workplace interactions with peers. The feedback data is processed to generate rich analytics for the organization to take decisions around people and business.

Capture Tool: Integrates directly in your work tools, ensuring better adoption and increased feedback.

Benchmarking: Employees can track their progress during the year, and work on gap areas for them to succeed.

Gamification: An interesting concept to increase level of involvement including a possible reward mechanism to boost participation.

My Team: Keep track of your team on a real-time basis, and help them excel.

Authenticity: Granular feedback data can be viewed only by the recipient; encourages peers to give authentic feedback.

Real time HR: HR Team is equipped with real time information about their employees to make sure all their initiatives around PMS, Learning, Progression, Hiring and Attrition are focused and effective.

Quick Deployment: Integrates with O365 subscription and Active Directory (Single sign-on) within minutes.

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