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Reduce your PBI premium cost by 25% and Performance up to 30%

Problem Statement
Currently all fortune 500 companies are using PBI premium capacities and most of those organizations are using multiple premium capacity which are shared across multiple teams within organization.

While multiple teams work on those capacities. Few challenges arises like:
1. Mismanagement of datasets
2. Mismanagement of capacities
3. Orphaned Reports orphanage data sets
4. Gateways management
5. Refresh related monitoring and issues
6. Workspace Management
7. Dashboard Usage Pattern and status

These issues lead to performance related challenges and in most of the cases organizations pays heavy additional cost

Our Solution
Office Solution Capacity Monitoring tool enables organizations to track Centrally
1. PBI Premium capacity
2. Workspace
3. Datasets
4. Report Usage
5. Gateway Details
6. Capacity Details
7. Refresh related issues

Value add of using PBI Premium Capacity Monitoring Tool
Existing clients were able to
1. Reduced their infra cost up to 20%
2. Better capacity performance up to 30% which resulted in better
business performance and client appreciations
3. Identification and deletion of unused Datasets/ Dashboards

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