yayıncı: OptaHaul Limited

Specialised Route Optimisation software for the Dairy Industry

OptaHaul’s route optimisation platform helps to reduce transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) related to farm to plant milk logistics. The product calculates the most optimal plan to collect milk from farms and deliver to factories based on a wide range of variables including farm production volumes, factory production requirements and truck capacities. Our complex mathematical optimisation algorithm automatically generates the most optimal plan for milk haulage transport managers, planners, schedulers and hauliers.

Transport managers and schedulers typically currently manage complex milk logistics operations on paper excel or industry agnostic route planning software. OptaHaul's solution helps these transport operation to reduce transport costs by 20%, cut planning times by 50%+ and furthermore, the OptaHaul solution helps address a global environmental challenge - the production of carbon emissions from road transport logistics. Just a 5% reduction in annual mileage for a mid size dairy processor will remove 200,000kg of CO2 emissions per year!

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