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ZING Engagement Suite enables compliant communication between Pharma and HCPs

The ZING Engagement Suite fills a gap in communication between Pharma and HCPs (Health Care Providers). Nearly 50% of HCPs are dissatisfied with current digital interactions, such as marketing emails, social media, webinars and websites. In addition, up to 80% of emails to HCPs go unread. This creates a lack of personalized engagement and customer journey, and often misses the important omnichannel strategy. ZING fills this gap by providing multimodal communication and enabling compliant messaging, all through one platform - using HCP's native texting channels (SMS), so there's no new app or logins for them to remember. For Pharma, the platform enables pre-approval of messaging, powerful dashboards and analytics.

How ZING Improves Communication:
• Two-way Text Messaging to provide Logical and Promotional Messages
• HCPs Receive the message on their regular SMS or WhatsApp
• Send Any Digital Media as an Attachment
• Use Approved Templates and Content
• Enable 1:1 Calling with HCP and Reps from the same platform as Messaging
• Personalized Phone Numbers with Local Area Codes for each Territory.
• No Special App Required. Users talk on their regular phones
• Full Video Conferencing Capabilities
• Instant Invitation by Text Message
• Provide Instant Video Calling From Any Digital Channel

The ZING Engagement Suite is a powerful Azure UCaaS (Unified communications as a service) platform that’s helping life sciences companies deliver compliant communication with HCPs. With the ZING platform, life sciences sales reps can exchange compliant two-way unified messaging with healthcare professionals without barriers. The most comprehensive, compliant solution that embraces existing channels of communication with various features that include compliant text messaging, two-way voice calling, AI & Video related capabilities and more. There are no apps for end-users to download and there are no subscriptions for them to deal with. To HCPs, ZING offers a seamless, hassle-free experience that’s seen as nothing different than their normal method for receiving texts.

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