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Office365 Tasken Project Management system

A product of Opus Solution for project management system with Microsoft Office365. Tasken eOffice - Enterprise working management solutions, KPI and internal business processes management and more... Tasken Project Management makes it easier to keep track of what's there to do. With the deadlines set, you can easily prioritize those tasks that needs to be done first and not miss out on anything. This is the new way for teams to get results, work together on your projects timeline schedule, start and follow up working progress, join team conversations and move things forward.

Key Functionalities:
- Centralization management of company running project, unique all tasks and implementation progress.
- Manage project profile, timeline and documentation such as planing project, related document
- Easy partition project type and search by keyword when required.
- High available system requires always must be online and accessable everywhere.
- Management project's progress buy gantt chart, calendar, Kanban board.
- Allow user synchronize all project tasks to Outlook and mobile devices.
- Security protection for any project information

Easily Add, Edit, Organize and Monitor your project tasks

  • Setup project with project member based on organization charts or project departments
  • Setup target task groups to organize and schedule your tasks
  • Get a view on your tasks so you can see what’s relevant
  • Multiple view to monitor your project task on Table view, Kanban, Gantt, Burn Down, and Calendar
  • View your tasks per user, per department, status, search a task by keyword.
  • Fully project report and export to Excel or PDF

Work Together with Reminders

  • Add teammates to project team to work with you on projects and tasks
  • Add supporters to help you and get reminder on conversations
  • Ask to teammates about tasks to get email notification immediatly for update
  • Redistribute work to meet your project’s deadlines

Totally integrates with your bussiness

  • Mobile Calendar: Easily to follow up a project task by QR code scanning and get sync on your mobile device calendar
  • Office 365: Access tasks from one central location with single sign on as well as Multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Outlook: Never forget to follow up on emails and easily turn emails into tasks. Daily report and reminder via Outlook email

Flexible Deployment model

  • On demand deployment: Tasken can be deployed to existed company infrastructure or private cloud
  • Flexible customization: Tasken Technial Specialist willing to discuss and customize existed functionalities in cases with low cost
  • Synchronize with company Active Directory (AD) and organization chart as well as employee profile imformation
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