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Automate Visual AI workflows with Ease

Make Automating VIsual AI workflows fast with tools that empower Teams to handle data, label & annotate data 10X faster.

A platform with rich & intuitive user experience to guide Data engineers, AI engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, data annotators, Analysts and Data scientists in every step of their organization's data transformation journey over the image, videos and video streams.
The AI toolchain in the platform consists of the below features:
- Data Lake for Media including Images and Videos. - Explore Images and Videos with pre-labelled classes.
- Data Labelling and Annotation for Classification, Object Detection, Instance Segmentation & Semantic Segmentation, Pose Detection, Key Points and Face Landmarks.
- The annotation is aided by AI-based Active Learning. AI Model export and management.
- Augmentation of images for Weather, Noise and 30+ options.
- Extract only needed images from Videos. - Crawl images relevant to your dataset.
- Collaborate with fellow AI and Data engineers.
The platform enables AI / ML community to deliver some complex use cases as below.
Healthcare - Detect Ailments in MRI, X-rays, Blood Reports.
Insurance – Classify severity of Damages and provide an assessment.
Manufacturing – Inspect the quality of products and parts.
Smart Cities – Empower Traffic and crowd management.
Retail – Provide Stock Assessment based on Planograms.
Fashion Ecommerce – Provide recommendations based on user preferences.
Utility – Identify Damages in the Windmills and management of Solar panels.
Agriculture – Inspect the quality of products or manage large scale farms.

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