Advanced Workforce Analytics (AWA)

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AI and Data Driven Actionable Insights and Analytics for your Workforce - Analytics as a Service

Organizations are struggling to use Workforce Data effectively

Organizations are looking to use Ai and data-driven insights from their data to adopt digital platforms and to gain insights to optimize their workforce, and to improve employee acquisition, retention, and engagement.  However, their workforce and people data are scattered in silos, and is difficult to integrate and analyze.  At best, they can use manual data extracts and manipulate in spreadsheets to gain partial insights.  This often requires countless manual hours of effort and is at best a partial effort. Further, midsize and smaller organizations lack the data science and data engineering resources required for integrating, managing, and gaining insights from their workforce data. They are unable to compete with larger organizations for expensive and hard-to-retain data engineering and data science skills.

Our solution for midsize and small organizations

The PKSI Advanced Workforce Analytics solution is the result of years of research in People Analytics trends and needs and has been developed in close consultation with C level HR, and line of business executives from organizations of all sizes. The solution provides Insights and Analytics as a Service.  

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A brief description is provided below

The AWA Solution integrates data from multiple sources like HRIS, Payroll, Training, Talent Acquisition etc. from the organization, and then enriches it with external social and socio-economic data. The solution provides AI-driven analytical insights into an organization’s workforce including insights into all stages of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition to employee exit. The organization also gets insights into company trends, D&I initiatives, employee experience, workforce planning and organizational structure. The solution is wholly managed by PKSI, from data ingestion and integration to insights. The organization deploying this solution gets the benefits of the business insights without having to manage data pipelines, data models or dashboards. Further, since the solution is delivered as SAAS, the Client benefits from a fully managed solution that is automatically updated to keep up with patches and feature upgrades. The solution puts midsize firms on an equal footing with larger organizations in terms of understanding their workforce and gaining the ability to better retain and attract the right employees and improve employee experience. 

In 2020, PKSI was awarded the SAS Global Excellence in Innovation Award for the AWA solution.

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