Pellar Enterprise Blockchain

yayıncı: Pellar Technology Pty Ltd

High performance blockchain framework, for finance, egov and supplychain solutions

Fully managed Blockchain solutions, can be deployed for digital ledger, digital identity and truth anchoring solutions.

The blockchain implements the pBFT consensus algorithm, enabling substantial faster transactions in a permissioned blockchain deployment.

Suitable for Government and Financial Institutions projects.

The solution is:
* High performing - 20K TPS
* Low latency - sub second completion
* Predictable cost - a flat monthly subscription cost

Comparing to other popular blockchain solutions, this platform performs substantially faster, with higher throughput. Suitable for real world, real time applications such as payments.  

The solution can be white labelled for your organisation, using your branding with your domain. 

This system has been deployed for real time payment, neo banking and fractional ownership solutions.

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