P9 Sales Dev Cloud

P9 is the first role based, teams driven, on-the-job, Sales Dev Cloud powered by AI

Within one month of training 87% of Sales reps forget the information they learned. With P9 Sales reps learn on-the-job using skill profiles built from knowing the skills top performing companies are hiring for and what skills blackbelts in their role adopt that drives top performance.

P9 enables self, manager and peer feedback based on the skill profiles resulting in a personalized development roadmap for every seller and a way to track it! P9 delivers for managers a coaching platform that means they can stop pretending to know about everything and connect their sellers with the experts that do know and the on-the-job resources that deliver the right readiness at the right time.

Accessing Blackbelt Skill Profiles, no problem! Blackbelt skill profiles are uploaded into our Sales Dev cloud. Skill profiles can be defined and customized for any companies’ sales organization.

Having a Growth Mindset means being open to feedback! Sellers take self-feedback and receive manager feedback or feedback from peers based on the skills profile for the role they perform.

A fuzzy Development Plan just doesn’t cut it! Based on feedback results individual development priorities are generated that act as a seller’s roadmap toward top performance. Sellers take charge of and manage their own development plans. That's what they want, right!

Tracking Sales Development Progress no Sweat! Sellers act against development priorities by creating and tracking tasks. Tasks can be shared with mentors, peers and experts from across the community.

Pretending to know what you are talking about doesn’t impress, connecting to experts that do does! Sales Managers can easily identify and connect sellers with experts from across the community and from outside of the company.

Lasting skill development happens on-the-job! Best practice resources from inside and outside of the company are attached to Development Priorities making it easy for Sales Managers to promote the tools and resources that have the biggest impact on skill development.

Need a People Data Platform to drive smarter decision making, look no further! Pipe9 delivers the people data platform that sales managers, sales leaders or HR need to identify skill gaps and direct readiness investments into building the skills that have the biggest impact.

P9 Addresses Your Top Sales Dev Pain points:
    - Sales Trainings that don’t stick. 87% of seller's forger the information within one month
    - Overwhelmed Sales Managers impacting the effectiveness of coaching
    - Top sellers delivering a significantly disproportionate per cent of sales results
    - Attrition of top sales performers because sales manager doesn’t impress.
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