Team More SaaS - For Mobile Workforce Management

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Team More SaaS enhances workforce mobility and collaboration in various sizes of Enterprises.

Team More SaaS is an Award-Winning Mobile Workforce Management Solution for Enterprises. It offers an integrated platform to collaborate with teams while enhancing workforce mobility. The ready-to-use modules facilitate quick and easy adoption for the kick-off of digital transformation despite the scales of enterprises. The customizable workflow enables Team More to be more adaptive and fitting to different business operational needs and practices. Benefits: Team More offers over 13 ready-to-use modules that allow enterprises from vertical market to build communication platforms that fit their needs uniquely. 

  • An integrated platform to enhance communication and engagement with the mobile workforce and bridge the gap between the HR team and employees. 
  • The training on-the-go modules combination allows individuals to receive training, marketing and operational information (includes multi-media files) through their own mobile devices which overcome the workplace limitation, especially in the retail industry. 
  • The customizable workflow engine and form-builder ensure the consistency of work processes and streamline workflow and communication, reduced Project Managers' time consumed in communicating with stakeholders through multiple-channels.

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