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MOCA 365 Ensures governance for M365 collaborative workspaces in Teams and Sharepoint.

Absence of structure is a major challenge when creating a common collaboration platform. At the same time, there is an increasing need for facilitation of meetings, chats and project management online, etc.

MOCA365 is a software solution that gives control over Teams & M365 – A secure and automated foundation so IT can concentrate on what's most important. At the same time, the business is supported with a user-friendly and simple everyday life. The solution works as an 'engine' that takes advantage of the existing Microsoft investment. The simple way to a Data-secure and Compliant platform.

With MOCA365, you can establish a 'Secure Collaboration' solution with predefined collaboration spaces in Teams and SharePoint sites, which adds important and valuable knowledge to the company.

The individual user experiences a high degree of autonomy without losing control and security is compromised. With MOCA365, you automate security, compliance, GDPR rules and workflows.

In short, you reduce costs and hassles by automating End-To-End configurations in your company's or organization's digital workplace and get Microsoft 365 back on track.

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