Prevedere Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing

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Quickly develop real-time demand models with industry specific global data

Manufacturing companies face new challenges every year,. Fluctuating demand, inefficient supply-chains, and globalization bring increased complexity since risks can come from anywhere at any time. Prevedere helps manufacturing leaders make better forecasting decisions by providing real-time insight on their industry, their markets, and the demand for their products.

By using Prevedere, manufacturing companies have improved demand forecast accuracy by more than 20%.

Prevedere enables manufacturing companies to better:

  • Discover hidden drivers of demand
    Using the most predictive leading indicators specific to a manufacturing company, Prevedere identifies and monitors their unique drivers of demand. By knowing all the factors that influence demand, manufacturing companies can be better prepared for future volatility.
  • Maximize return on capital
    Prevedere provides operations leaders in manufacturing companies with a real-time future view of demand by market, either existing or new. By understanding the true internal and external drivers of demand, manufacturing company leaders can determine when and where to best invest in new equipment or infrastructure to maximize return.
  • Validate sales and production plans
    By having a holistic view of demand, Prevedere forecasts can be used to determine any potential of missing annual targets. By comparing internal plans with predictive models developed using external data, business leaders can discover when and where future headwinds will come with enough lead time to take action.

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