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Measure the productivity of your employees or team.

Prodoscore is a tool that can be utilized by an organization of any size in any industry, using Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft Teams.  It can benefit a variety of roles within those organizations including sales leadership, sales representatives, IT leadership and developers, finance personnel, accountants, executive management, operations, call center associates, and HR representatives.

Prodoscore addresses employee performance, productivity, visibility, cloud tool adoption, coaching opportunities, and remote workforce enablement. 

Prodoscore is the leading provider of employee visibility software, offering a highly differentiated workforce management solution for leadership teams across diverse industries. The platform empowers teams to be more effective and productive, validated with improved performance and enhanced contributions. 

As the number of remote employees continues to grow worldwide, Prodoscore’s business intelligence tools provide enhanced analysis relative to human behavior in the workplace. Actionable analytics can be leveraged to deliver qualified and prescriptive recommendations about employee coaching.  

In a role-based example of sales, leaders are often challenged with how to measure sales performance on a daily basis.  They’ve traditionally done so using lagging indicators, like percent to quota and revenue attainment.  But, leading indicators, like daily activity, are action oriented and much easier to influence through coaching. By measuring leading indicators, the most accurate point of employee engagement, leaders can impact results. 

Prodoscore is not disruptive to workflow and takes just 15 minutes to install. Our proprietary scoring system utilizes AI tools including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing with Sentiment Analysis to aggregate data that's critical to business success, and makes it quickly digestible via an easy to use dashboard.

Using Prodoscore’s robust data analytics, businesses can increase employee performance, enhance coaching opportunities, increase the adoption of cloud tools like voice and CRM, and improve employee retention. The Prodoscore solution also helps enable remote teams by taking the guesswork out of managing, providing actionable insights. That means better information, improved performance and impactful results from each employee who contributes to an organization's overall success.

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