PROS Opportunity Detection


PROS Opportunity detection is the easiest way to drives sales growth with your existing customers.

Armed with insights delivered by PROS AI in Opportunity Detection, your sales team can now quickly determine how to invest their time to build relationships, prevent churn, and expand the share of wallet with current customers to deliver profitable revenue growth.
Sales and marketing leaders understand the majority of growth typically comes from existing customers. And, it’s no mystery that they want to drive profitable revenue growth through those customers, but the challenge today is how. PROS can help. To find that sales growth hidden in your customers, PROS Opportunity Detection applies machine learning to analyze transaction activity, uncover buying behavior trends and identify new opportunities.

Key Features
  • PROS Opportunity Detection uses advanced, proven algorithms to analyze large transaction data sets and uncover hidden revenue potential. With machine learning techniques, PROS AI delivers enhanced pattern recognition over time. 
  • PROS experience with segmentation models group customers based on attributes. 
  • Recommendations are proactively delivered directly to the sales team in their familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.
  • The creation of opportunities is automated to further assist the sales team
  • Leverage our APIs to extend Opportunity Detection recommendations to other ERPs, and eCommerce environments
  • SaaS solution up and running in as soon as 30 days
  • View recommendations in your preferred currency with Multi-currency support

Data Science & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Patented segmentation creates relevant peer groups
  • Churn algorithms find declining purchase trends
  • Outlier algorithms uncover inconsistent purchase patterns
  • Connection and consistency algorithms identify cross-sell opportunities
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