PROS Revenue Management for Travel and Logistics

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Maximize Revenue with Data Science and Real Time Dynamic Pricing

PROS Revenue Management enables airlines to boost revenue and profit through groundbreaking algorithmic forecasting and network optimization. Implemented and tested worldwide by over 50 airlines, PROS Revenue Management increases revenue lift approximately 2-3% from leg based systems, and origin and destination forecasting and hybrid optimization can add an additional 1-2%.

Improve Forecasting
PROS provides the most advanced forecast methodology based on customer behavior and influence for leg, segment or network-based models. Forecast current market trends and behaviors, such as seasonal demand patterns so you can more accurately predict passenger demand.

Network Optimization
Determine the optimal inventory controls used by the airline’s reservation system with proven optimization technology that determines the fare mix to maximize revenue lift on every departure. Generate revenue-optimal bid price controls & leg/segment allocations along with decision support to make the best decisions for your business.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Demand forecasting: protect revenue by providing distinct forecasts for bookings and cancellations and employ Bayesian techniques to predict future bookings on an origin-to-destination basis.
  • Hybrid forecasting: maximize revenue and minimize buy-down behavior when operating a low-fare business model or competing with other low-fare airlines in certain markets.
  • Optimization: maximize the true network value of each potential passenger. Optimize the traffic mix, such as local versus connecting, point-of-sale, and more.
  • Hybrid optimization: access the optimal inventory controls (bid prices and AUs) that maximize revenue and prevent buy-down behavior.
  • Fare valuation: provide vital feedback to your pricing analyst so they know which fare products sell more than others.
  • Capacity optimization: increase revenue performance with optimal solutions for capacity management, such as overbooking, decrement, and convertible cabins.
  • Data analytics: gain insights faster using standard or customer analytic views, workflows, graphics, alerts and more.
PROS AI-powered data science pricing solutions are provided on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Pricing may vary based on each individual customer’s requirements. To learn more. visit

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