Prosperi PPMfast


Prosperi PPMfast provides unique, rapid deployment of Microsoft Project Online

Prosperi PPMFast provides unique, rapid deployment templates for immediate adoption of Microsoft PPM. These templates have been developed to meet the requirements of the best practices of most organizations, those recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and unique features, based on years of our own implementation experience.

Deploy Microsoft Project Online immediately – within a matter of hours - and benefit from over 17 years of implementation experience with PPM.

With PPMfast you benefit from:

  • Rapid Deployment – Deployment of your Microsoft Project environment could take as little as 4-6 hours which means your teams can be up and running, and productive immediately.
  • Maximum ROI – With PPMfast you are able to maximize the results of project management without the need for high up-front investment in requirements/needs analysis and methodology preparation.
  • Pre-Configured Reports and Analysis – PPMfast comes pre-configured with cockpits and dashboards, containing various measures that enable the effective management of portfolios, programs and projects. Features include: various Key Performance Indicators, Cost Analysis, Progress.
  • Seamless Integration – PPMfast provides seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office applications, which enables you to have total control of project documents in a structured way, with indexed searches that provide rapid access to information.

Prosperi PPMfast is available on these languages: english, portuguese and spanish

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