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ProxiTrak Platform RFID as a Service (RaaS),

ProxiTrak Platform is ProxiTrak as an industrial-level asset location, surveillance and monitoring software suite that allows businesses full creative control by allowing the creation, recursive modification and optimization of a virtual RFID tracking infrastructure. The Computer Aided Design (CAD)  live prediction model is a visual representation of your RFID tracking domain. This template serves as the backbone for a virtual site survey which is rendered live to present real-time tag, data, events, actions and transitions globally that is not point-in-time discovery (PITD).
Vertical Market:
  • Retail - We drive sales, improve logistics processes and provide great customer service
  • Manufacturing - Equipping, picking, rotation, replenishment, allocation – accurate information about your stock levels, savings cost of the inventory. Effectiveness; elimination of inaccuracies of readings caused by human error 
  • Aviation - ProxiCloud significantly helps airlines and airports with RFID adoption by providing them with Plug-And-Play feature as well Live Site Survey bringing down the deployment costs to the level never seen before.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain - We enhance efficiencies, provide real-time data to reduce risk and ensure compliance, and full end-to-end visibility of your asset management.
  • Healthcare - Proxi cloud and real time IoT RFID data availability allow to optimize costs of the hospital management and mitigate any risks related to handling the patients within the facilities. RFID passive tags allow to track patients any time and at any place within the hospital – such approach allows to improve patients comfort and satisfaction by reducing waiting time thanks to staffing optimization.
Site surveys, installation, deployment, integration and metric verification in terms of hours and days not weeks and months.
RF coverage, data rates, signal obstruction, antenna RSSI analysis is automated and provided by the software
Automatic alerts notify you of specific events that occur in your tracking process
True Real time data; provides more accurate and quick decision making
Combine all global RFID/IoT data under one location – ProxiCloud umbrella

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