Sanctions Testing

yayıncı: PwC Czech Republic

PwC's solution for testing the effectiveness and efficiency of sanctions screening systems.

PwC’s Sanctions Testing solution, enabled by Microsoft Azure, provides a solution for testing the effectiveness and efficiency of Sanctions Screening system using PwC’s three step process. This PwC-led, Microsoft-based solution enables financial institutions to understand their screening system performance by testing the system and subsequently providing effectiveness and efficiency figures. Organizations will be able to regularly understand the weaknesses and strengths of the system and to understand any impact of configurational changes on the screening effectiveness. The solution uses Azure to quickly deploy and scale resources needed in order to perform ad-hoc sanctions testing. The user receives a smooth experience as computationally intensive operations such as test file generation and result file processing are handled by Azure resources. Scheduled jobs such as the regular sanction list download are handled using Azure WebJobs.

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