Smartphone Body Scans - Organisational Wellbeing

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Record and measure the way your people move to prevent injury and improve wellbeing.

Self-assessment and Tracking of Movement Quality - Supervised by a Moovment Specialists

People are only as strong as their weakest link!

A fast, easy and accurate assessment of human movement, balance, and posture. Having a proactive approach to improve the way we move is essential because 50% of people have musculoskeletal problems.

This service helps in the early detection and prevention of small problems before they become big and costly problems. Increased productivity and satisfaction are a bonus.

Each person's digital twin is used to compare before and after results from solutions such as:

  • exercise prescription
  • behavior and lifestyle change
  • treatment
  • ergonomics

Scans are performed in minutes by individuals using their mobile phones - at home, at work, at clubs - no geographical boundaries, no waiting list, no guesswork, no delay.

Who buys the subscription?

Organisations such as:

  • employers
  • insurers
  • schools
  • sports clubs
that wish to give professional advice from a Moovment Specialist to their members.

Specialists have access to augmented intelligence for analysis, reporting, and exercise prescription via the award-winning Moovment.Pro.
Organisations can nominate their own in-house Specialist or contract a third-party Consultant Specialist (click here to see Specialist Subscription - Advisor role only).

How does it work?

Mobile scans are easy to perform and can be done from home. Feedback and corrective exercises are available as a report in the app or online using a trusted teleconference connection (e.g. Microsoft Teams).

Asynchronous feedback through consulting Moovment Specialists normally takes 24-48 hours.

What's included in the license?

  • A pre-determined number of active Specialist seats for giving advice
  • Unlimited access to the Moovment.Pro Portal for registered Specialists
  • Consent and Connect permissions via the secure Moovment.Pro Portal
  • Full suite of 2D-visualisation, reports, surveys, goal setting and chat
  • Unlimited views of scans for the individual and the Specialist

What are the next steps?

Register your Organisation details here to begin.

Individuals control their own data and can grant/remove consent for a Specialist to review their data. The service is GDPR and HIPAA-compliant.

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