Managed Security 365 (SecAAS) for M365 and O365

yayıncı: QualityHosting AG

Managed Security 365 strengthens the security and compliance of your Microsoft cloud fully automated

The Managed Security 365 service strengthens the security and compliance of your Microsoft cloud services.
As a managed service, it continuously monitors the security status of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 in a fully automated way, helping users manage their IT efficiently and easily.

Forget complex security settings, hidden features and nested menus. Thanks to Managed Security 365, you can prevent identity theft, data misuse and irrevocable reputational damage - and concentrate fully on your core business. Managed Security 365 uses Microsoft's security standards and automatically configures them to the optimum level of security. The basis for the settings are security best practices developed and defined by QualityHosting. New features are constantly added to the service and adapted to current threats.

Managed Security 365 increases the Secure Score by a factor of 4* right from the moment of activation. It protects the users of your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 environment simply, effectively and permanently.

Other keywords within this solution are Compliance, GDPR, Compliance score, AAD, Identity and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).
This application is available in German, English.

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