Smart Asset Management & Seamless Traceability

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Increase consumer satisfaction, boost productivity & build relationships across the supply chain

Verofax leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps increase premium selling, reduce logistics costs, and access up to 120 global markets. It brings products to life with a unique digital identity that harnesses first-party data and turns it into personalized experiences.

Verofax enables administrators to optimize supply chain processes by screening suppliers and validating authenticity. The traceability software empowers suppliers to track and avoid losses in shipping with the aid of smart IoT devices, for a seamless and interoperable system across logistics providers.

Verofax facilitates managerial oversight and upgrades staff productivity with store data analytics, training, and intelligent operations. The solution enables enterprises to connect directly with their customers and circumvent the channel.

Green companies are empowered to upsell their products with transparent sustainability ratings and certificate validation. Our smart traceability software integrates to ERP on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ease & speed for quick deployment.

Built-In Features
  • Blockchain-enabled
  • Unique product ID
  • Custom tracking templates
  • Product line mapping
  • API support
  • Secure data access
  • Dashboard and analytics

Traceability as a Service
  • IoT, AI, and data visualization compatibility
  • Anti-counterfeiting mechanism enabled
  • Easy integration
  • Practical utility

Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Boost operational efficiency and acknowledge quick ROI
  • Seamless deployment with 60 days
  • Interoperable user interface
  • Resilient supply chain
  • Enterprise-grade data security
  • GDPR compliance

Hyperledger Fabric for Blockchain
Built on modular architecture, Hyperledger Fabric facilitates secure transactions, network scalability, and optimized performance.

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Transaction validation
  • Faster execution
  • Database services
  • Plug-and-play component integration

Free Plan Available
Verofax offers a free plan for businesses that are just getting started and users who wish to take Verofax for a spin to see if it's best suited for their needs. Our free plan facilitates users with:
  • 20 SKUs
  • 10,000 QR Code
  • 50 MB Storage
  • Unique Product Page
  • Data Service

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