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Enable Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages and Instagram - Dynamics 365

Connect with customers on Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages and Instagram on Dynamics 365 with Quiq, the Conversational Platform for customer service and commerce teams. Quiq's omnichannel, asynchronous messaging platform allows bots and human agents to engage with customers on all popular messaging channels including Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS/Text Messaging including Google Verified SMS, RCS/Rich Business Messaging and Twitter Direct Messages. Also, async web chat and in-app chat.

Quiq combines Conversational AI with NLP and human agents to increase efficiency, reduce costs, drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Give customers a modern experience across SMS/text messaging, rich messaging apps, web chat, and social media with conversations to flowing seamlessly between bots and humans agents.

Quiq runs on Azure and is integrated into your Dynamics 365 to allowing conversations to be linked with contacts and transcripts stored in tickets.

Built to service enterprise customers, companies including Nestle, Amrock, Brinks Home Security, Club Med, Office Depot, Overstock and Tailored Brands use Quiq to deliver better customer experiences at lower costs.

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