ReachFive Customer Identity & Access Management

yayıncı: REACHFIVE

Deliver a frictionless and secure customer experience with identity and access management (CIAM).

ReachFive is the identity hub for a leading-edge customer experience, helping brands to find the balance between frictionless customer experience, data security and privacy control across all their applications. The Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform connects customers, brands, their partners, and applications anytime, anywhere, and securely - accelerating digital transformation.

ReachFive has five key sets of capabilities that work together to manage the full customer identity lifecycle:

-       Connect — ReachFive provides state-of-the-art authentication methods for a frictionless customer journey. Go beyond traditional email/password logins with an accelerated but secured access via social login, SSO (single sign-on), Biometrics, OTP (one-time password), MFA (multi-factor authentication) and more.

-       Control — ReachFive empowers customers with direct control over how companies use their data, via a self-serve preference center where they can give or retract their consent. This consent can then be shared across applications and channels.

-       Unify — ReachFive is the system of record for customer identities, using identity to match data across systems to create a unified profile. Implement progressive profiling to build customer profiles over time.

-       Authorize — ReachFive controls access by third-party systems to customer identity data. Platform security measures and cutting-edge authentication methods protect customer accounts and data from breaches.

-       Deploy — Brands benefit from a cloud-native, yet cloud-agnostic platform, providing 99.99% availability for always-on customer experiences and the flexibility to choose from AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, or other geography-specific options.

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