Repstor for Collaborative Workspaces

yayıncı: Repstor

Information and lifecycle management of Teams using templates to promote best practice and adoption

A full information lifecycle solution for Microsoft Teams and collaborative workspaces adding governance, compliance and lifecycle management capabilities. 

Can be applied to any document, or case-focused collaboration workspace such as project management, client engagements or matter management. 

·       Create new Teams with naming controls, predefined layouts including channels, planners, dashboards and associated SharePoint site content.

·       Control permissions for Teams creation based on roles and functions.

·       Apply an approval process to Teams creation.

·       Manage the full evolution and lifecycle of Microsoft Teams – from creation, operation with Plans and Tasks, closing teams on project completion to wrapping up or disbanding a team.

·       Develop Team content and layout progressively during the lifecycle by adding new Channels, Tabs and Tasks.

·       Import into Custodian all existing Teams (not created using Custodian). This allows applying controls to an existing uncontrolled Teams environment.

The Repstor for Microsoft Teams App provides the ability to create Teams, Channels, Plans, Buckets and Tasks as hierarchy levels in a hierarchy with many levels.  The creation of these elements is controlled by templates. 

Users can view as channel tabs within a single Team the dashboard views of a list of all teams in a hierarchy level, all tasks in a hierarchy level, or metadata details and lifecycle status for the current Team. Users can also use the tab of a Team to  Request for Teams, channel, or task creation. Repstor Custodian allows users to view in a channel tab, dynamic forms that control creation and management of Teams, channels, plans and tasks.

The Repstor for Microsoft Teams App connects to an existing Custodian Site in SharePoint to apply control to your Teams environment.

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