revX Property

yayıncı: Revenue Solutions Inc.

Native Cloud, SaaS Property Tax Billing and Collection System

The only cloud-native SaaS solution for tax roll processing, assessment calculations, and billing to owners right out of the box.

Take your department to the next level with RSI’s revX™ Property: imagine government-revenue processing (taxes, licenses, and fees), with unlimited configurations at cloud scale.

The RSI™ solution is an unparalleled opportunity to provide timely tax-roll processing, assessment calculations, and billing to owners right out of the box. Plus, our technology solution helps you:
  • Support cross-government collaborations
  • Increase workflow efficiencies
  • Improve citizen experience with a user-friendly web portal
  • Retire antiquated technology
  • Consolidate disparate systems
  • Own Your Data

Now your organization can be future-ready with RSI's revX Property. Avoid monolithic legacy systems, the upkeep of which requires staff with hard-to-find skill sets and solutions which become isolated from one another over time. Gain speed, responsiveness, and products that effectively interoperate, without the need to maintain expensive data-center infrastructure.

Robust Functionality Out of the Box
It is RSI’s goal to upgrade your office’s systems and support integrated processing with minimal disruption.
  • Capture property tax and owner information from any third-party source.
  • Allow for self-paced tax-roll review and acceptance processing.
  • Generate tax assessments and bills.
  • Offer pre-configurable collection-workflow treatment streams.
  • Interface with other agencies in real-time and near real-time using encrypted les.
  • Own Your Data and have full access to it for reporting.

With logiX, You’re in Control
The core of revX is logiX, our business rules engine that enables users to make business rules and respond to policy, regulatory or tax law changes without coding. Instead of writing, compiling, and deploying software code, logiX allows you to use an editor to drag and drop fields to build your own business rules and run them. Our rules engine allows your office to utilize technology for complex calculations such as tax deferrals, rollbacks, and special assessments.

Why revX Property Is Different
  • Cloud Native - With revX Property take advantage of the new technological advancements in Microsoft's Azure Government Cloud. Reap the benefits of the SaaS AI, drag and drop configuration, and advanced analytics.
  • Increased Responsiveness - Configurable workflow increases productivity and collections, including; tax sales ow and tax sales of properties, foreclosures and bankruptcy where users can monitor activity and results with real-time notification and responsiveness.
  • Special Calculations Covered - Tax-increment financing zones, tax-reinvestment zones, special assessments, clean-energy calculations, and tax credits, among others, are all available for configuration to deliver accurate collection amounts.
  • Own Your Data - An open data model gives access to key data for reporting and sharing within your organization and with outside agencies.
  • Proven Performance - Large or highly-demanding jobs are optimized to improve performance, expanding production during high-volume periods.
  • Decentralized - A web-based solution that allows employees to perform their jobs effectively from remote locations. They can work from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Our Modern SaaS Platform: Architecture for Government
Microservices Architecture benefits the government in numerous ways, including faster updates to applications and citizen-facing services, and more efficient use of IT-team members’ time. Every application process functions as a separate, loosely coupled service with its own logic and database. Updates, deployment, testing, and scaling happen within the scope of each service. This means that “scheduled downtime” becomes a thing of the past. New updates are deployed without impacting your business.

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