Sectra Education Portal

yayıncı: Sectra AB

Cloud-based education for tomorrow’s medical professionals

Sectra Education Portal is a subscription-based SaaS solution that provides advanced visualization tools and a multidisciplinary library of real anatomy and clinical cases that can be used in integrated courses for both traditional and remote teaching purposes. It ties in anatomy, histopathology, radiology, trauma, orthopaedics, oncology, surgery and other specialties.

Preparing lessons online using a combination of our large learning library and own cases makes it possible to tailor teaching in a unique way with endless possibilities—from material for students at the beginning of their medical curricula through to residency training. You can interact with, edit, organize and present the content efficiently, with the possibility to assimilate a clinical workflow. Students can access the educational material on their own devices at any time, facilitating self-directed learning.

Reliable digital technology ensures that quality and relevance also remain high during online teaching. In addition, the solution can easily be scaled up for use by many users across faculties and on different devices.

In addition to the cloud-based solution, you can also use a Sectra terminal to further enhance the experience and performance of Sectra Education Portal.

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