Senseforce IIoT Technology

Senseforce GmbH

Senseforce is the standard for IIoT - born in the machine industry.

"This application is available only in [German]". Senseforce is a full-stack IIoT technology - born in the machine industry. Our end-to-end solution is specifically designed for SMEs in the machine manufacturing industry and comes with 4 product groups. "Connect" is a powerful edge client that is installed on the machine and enables computing, calculation and data routing directly at the edge. "Manage" is a set of modules such as a low-code data-app builder and a white-label suite that allows for intuitive handling of big data. "Process" opens up the world of advanced data-analysis for domain specialists without coding skills. The low-code formula or data-set editor and guided machine learning tools can be leveraged by anyone in your company. After all, "Integrate" comes with 1500+ integrations to third-party applications which is crucial to seamlessly combine machine data with the existing I.T. landscape of any manufacturing company.
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