Digital Task Management and Condition Monitoring

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Data-driven digital quality management system for the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Discover Sensire Management Solutions: Streamline Your Workflows Across All Locations

Sensire's solutions offer a simplified, stress-free solution for task management, condition monitoring, and compliance in the food industry, hospitality, hospitals, and laboratories.

Keep your teams aligned and on track with Sensire's Task Management solution. Our tools allow you to create consistent workflows across all locations.

Ensure tasks are done correctly and on time while creating a seamless onboarding experience for new employees.

All-in-One Solution: Simplify your procedures and ensure health and quality with our feature-packed task management system.

Digital Checklists: Replace paper-based documentation with flexible, customizable digital checklists and workflows for your processes.

Smart Group Management: Assign tasks to specific user groups, avoiding confusion and increasing efficiency.

Deviation Handling: Easily create corrective actions for one or all locations within the task management module.

Cloud-Connected: Instantly upload task data to the cloud platform for end-to-end visibility, streamlined reporting, and auditing.

Performance Overview: Quickly assess each location's current performance or compliance status with task data displayed in cloud dashboards or info screens.

Reminders and Alarms: Keep employees on track with timely reminders and alarms, ensuring tasks are carried out efficiently and accurately.

Visual Support: Attach photos to tasks and deviation handling for clear and detailed information, ensuring safety and compliance.

Step-by-Step Task Instructions: Provide easy-to-understand guidance with text, images, and videos for completing tasks.

By using our solutions, you'll benefit from the following:

Continuous temperature monitoring: Keep a constant eye on fridges, food temperatures, and sensitive equipment, ensuring the safety and quality of your products and samples.

No manual paperwork: Experience a 100% digital and automated process that replaces traditional pen-and-paper documentation, saving time and effort for healthcare and laboratory staff.

Cloud-based remote monitoring: All data is uploaded to the cloud, allowing easy access and review from any location, streamlining processes in hospitals and labs.

Easy installation without external network integration: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process that doesn't require complicated network configurations, ideal for hospital and laboratory settings.

Money-saving optimal appliance temperatures: Maintain ideal temperatures for your appliances, resulting in energy savings and reduced costs across various sectors, including healthcare and laboratory services.

Additionally, our system enables the instant reaction to deviations through:

Real-time alerts: Receive notifications via SMS and email as soon as any issues are detected, allowing immediate action in hospitals and laboratories.

Preventing unnecessary waste: Address potential problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of spoilage and destruction in various industries

Cloud-based fault management: Easily track and manage issues within your cloud platform, ensuring a swift resolution in healthcare and laboratory environments.

By implementing Sensire's temperature sensors and monitoring solutions, you'll streamline safety management processes and improve overall efficiency in food services, hospitals, and laboratories, while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

With over 300 customers globally, our solutions have a proven track record of success.

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