The cloud suite for managing Human Resources, Learning and HR Safety

Together (powered by SkyLab Italia) is the unique SaaS Platform that helps HR Department to guarantee the full control of HR “soft” processes. SkyLab offers highly innovative, proprietary technologies, designed for SaaS, that guarantees costs optimization, operative efficiency and performance. SkyLab uses AGILE, prototypical approach, based on frequent and measurable interaction with the client, thus ensuring a full control over the entire product life cycle.

The impulse that inspired SkyLab was originated from the idea to offer a complete (technological design & consulting services) package of solutions, in order to meet the client’s needs in a highly flexible and dynamic way. SkyLab is not just a simple software supplier. With its support team, it assists the client in the use of different applications, from the beginning and through the whole period of use. In-house software factory permits to satisfy the specific needs of clients as well as to deal with integration needs between different applications offered.

SkyLab stands out for its capacity to act as tech & business partner, as a reference for heterogeneous companies (size, industry & geography). SkyLab offers consulting and support on its own products service, maximizing the UX and all the benefits, following from the use of different application solutions.

Built on a solid set of core HR processes (personnel data, company organization, job profile) and powerful features (DWH, BI, collaboration, gamification), Together can be implemented by module based on client strategy. Together meets all the organizational needs aligning HR and business strategies. All main processes are integrated in one unique system thus avoiding to turn to different suppliers for each managed aspect.

Together allows companies to: -Make decisions involving people on time, based on the same reliable data -Guarantee time to compliance -Ease data sharing & collaboration

SkyLab guarantees a fast implementation phase based on strong best practices models.

3 are the main souls of the solution:

  1. Talent Management Processes:
    • Recruiting & On boarding
    • Performance & Skills Evaluation
    • Training & Development
    • Compensation, MBO
  2. Extended LMS; The first ERP for Learning
    • Full governance end to end of training processes (needs, budget, plan, design, delivery, organize, accounting, measuring)
    • Innovative on-line training delivery methods
    • Faculty trainers
  3. Safety, People & Buildings, integrated with legacy company systems, to protect employees and employers
    • Full governance of H&S compliances
    • H&S Organization always aligned with HR one
    • 360° approach to handle top management requests

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