Enterprise Content Analysis and Simulation

yayıncı: SkySync, Inc.

Enterprise Content Analysis, Migration Simulation and Storage Platform Comparison

SkySync provides an in-depth analysis of all enterprise-wide content, enabling organizations to simulate migration and synchronization projects and gain key insights to maximize and extend their Microsoft Azure and Office 365 investments.

Interrogate enterprise-wide content

Organizations have little insight into one of their most valuable assets – content. It is an immense operational and technical challenge to determine precisely how much content exists, the structure, the makeup, and where located. SkySync’s highly-scalable analyzer is purpose-built to simultaneously interrogate thousands of file storage endpoints and repositories, no matter if they are in the cloud or on-premises, within remote office networks, or ECM systems. SkySync will assess for source and destination platform compatibility and precisely predict the outcome of any file migration, copy, or sync operation between those platforms. The analyzer estimates completion timelines for the entire organization, by any department or even by individual user. Organizations will know exactly what will happen during the file transfers, before moving a single item.

Uncover key file insights

The insights provided by SkySync’s analyzer will uncover content attributes such as: * File volumes and physical locations * File attributes such as type, last accessed date, age, permissions * Important sharing behaviors including which files have been shared internally and/or externally and how often Using these details, your organization can identify ROT, sensitive content such as IP and/or PII information, and which of your platforms are being over or underutilized. Additionally, the simulation of future migration or synchronization projects will enable your organization to effectively predict outcomes and timelines. Armed with this data, your organization can logically choose and automatically migrate or synchronize your files to the most appropriate combination of Microsoft storage solutions and investments. SkySync enables customers to fully-leverage their entire Microsoft investment -- from Azure compute and storage to SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive for Business.

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