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AIRHART is a modular total airport management platform. Become Smarter together.

AIRHART is a modular total airport management platform that enables airports and all stakeholders to become smarter – together.
AIRHART facilitates an effective eco-system for optimizing operations, passenger experience, commercial excellence and the ability to adapt to new needs – faster.
With AIRHART we challenge status-quo by digitalizing from the ground up – free of legacy and constraints.
It is our ambition to become the world’s leading total airport management platform. We are devoted to continuously expanding and improving the platform to the long-term benefit of all members of the smarter airport’s community – by airports for airports.

  • A modular and configurable platform that can be tailored to individual airports, while empowering rapid execution from idea to production.
  • Embracing the eco-system mindset through API, transparency and new standards, while respecting existing IT system landscape and vendors.
  • A continuous learning system based on trustworthy data, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

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