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Accelerating Talent Growth With SaaS based HCM People.Partners

People.Partners Human Capital Management Software

People.Partners Human Capital Management Solution is a Talent Acquisition and Development suite, based on a modular architecture, covering the end-to-end needs of any organization.

Fit for Small, Medium and Large enterprises, People.Partners is the next step in HR evolution.

Planning Headcount and Resources

People.Partners helps convert Talent Strategies into Specific Plans and Budgets. Our unique Assessment Tools enable Leaders to identify the best candidates for each Job!

People data at your fingertips

Access Employee Documents, Satisfaction against Internal Tickets, Performance Data, Job History and Personal Information in a matter of seconds.

Assessing People using Psychometric Assessments

The valid and reliable insights help you improve the outcomes of your people-related efforts across all areas of the employee journey including selection, onboarding, engagement, development and Exit.

Empowering Employees though Self Service Capabilities

Day to day requests of Employees can burden the HR Department. Hence, the employees are provided an effective Employee Self Service Tool (Web and Mobile both) to create and approve requests without the need for HR to intervene.

Employee Opinions Matter

With our built-in 360 Leadership Survey, you can effectively identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

With our built-in Engagement Survey, you can get real-time insights in the health of the Organization using intuitive Dashboard.


We offer a 1-click payroll process that does all the hard work for you. The Payroll Module is currently compliant for the Middle East Region.

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