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Synchronize Salesforce Marketing Cloud data to Azure SQL/Postgres

Softtrends Marketing connector

Welcome to Softtrends Marketing Connector

Softtrends Marketing Connector synchronizes data between your marketing environment (such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud) and either a Postgres database or a MS SQL Database.

Marketing Connector can be used to:

  • Sync data into Postgres and report against it
  • Sync data into Azure SQL/Azure Postgres/AWS to perform predictive analytics
  • Sync data from databases into Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Create consumer services and marketing-driven applications

  • Marketing Connector can be used with all applicable languages and frameworks supported by Azure.

    Benefits of using Marketing Connector

    Sync Marketing Data to Azure SQL/Postgres or AWS

    Using Softtrends Marketing Connector, you can sync your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions to a SQL, Postgres or SQL database and report against it, or create consumer analytics & marketing-driven applications…all using languages and frameworks supported by Azure. Whether you leverage Postgres or MS SQL, your marketing data can now become a first class citizen in your Azure applications.

    Sync Azure SQL/Postgres data to Marketing Cloud

    Softtrends Marketing Connector also allows you to Sync SQL/Postgres data to Marketing Cloud and run your marketing campaign using the synced data. When you add and update new records to Database, you can take advantage of the incremental sync option to sync only the newly added or updated records.

    Add Marketing to your Azure Data Lake

    Ingesting Marketing data into your Azure data lake allows you to gain new business insights, provide additional analytics to your users, and build new marketing-driven Azure applications. Enhanced Business Intelligence solutions, dashboards and reports can incorporate this new marketing data and drive line of business productivity.

    On-demand or unattended syncing

    You can create multiple connectors for sync data from database to Marketing Cloud and vice-versa. Sync can be performed on demand by clicking on a Sync button, or you can setup sync schedule with various pre-defined time frequency, or custom elapsed time.

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