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ALFABET FOR GOVERNMENT - Enterprise Architecture and IT portfolio Management Solution to inform and

Alfabet for Government is the most highly rated enterprise IT portfolio management solution on the market today. Alfabet is architected in .Net and hosted in Azure and enables government executives to more effectively and efficiently manage their IT infrastructure. As Federal Government agencies pursue IT modernization and cloud migration initiatives, government executives want to make data-driven decisions to prioritize investments in their IT portfolios. Software AG’s, Alfabet platform, enables federal customers to minimize risk, stay compliant, and create efficiency as they pursue their strategic initiatives.

The target market and typical business audience for Alfabet for Government is Federal and State and Local Government Chief Enterprise Architects, CIO's, and CFO's.

Alfabet's key value proposition for Microsoft Executives is to leverage Alfabet's capabilities to quickly create a data-driven roadmap for government executives that accelerates the migration of their enterprise applications and infrastructure to Azure Government Cloud. Alfabet is a collaborative IT planning and portfolio management platform for business and IT transformation. The platform helps manage a broad range of stakeholders with a set of integrated processes, defining clear responsibilities and guaranteeing good collaboration. This is important considering the large number of stakeholders involved and translates into good IT governance, alignment to strategy and IT agility.

Alfabet is a leading enterprise platform that meets the challenge of supporting effective business and IT transformation. Proven in practice at leading companies around the globe, Alfabet is the foundation for transformation to the digital business age.

Enterprise Architecture (EA), IT planning and portfolio management—these three practices should be in any IT organization serious about change. And they should be highly integrated for maximum effectiveness. Together they provide a set of core capabilities to proactively drive smart investment and sustainably manage and ensure IT’s contribution to the business value:

  • Well-founded and sustainable decisions on IT transformation due to accurate, current and complete information on the IT landscape
  • IT structures aligned with business objectives and processes to ensure that IT transformation goes hand-in-hand with business transformation
  • Streamlined IT portfolios that increase IT’s agility in implementing business initiatives faster, thus improving time-to-market for new and existing programs and projects
  • Lowered project, application and data risk to safeguard IT project investment, ensure business continuity, and increase compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved IT governance across federated environments through definition and enforcement of standard EA processes and components for projects.
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